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Selecting the Right Color Scheme

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If you are like most of our customers, you are so excited about your new steel building that you may have overlooked one of the more important aspects, what color should I choose? We know you can’t wait to have your building up so you can get to work but you also want a building that will either match your property or make a bold statement for your business and the right color does just that.


Barn Style: Red Building with White Trim
Barn Style: Red Building with White Trim


Tips From The Gable Steel Design Team

  • If your new building is going near your home, the best look is created by contrasting the color scheme. For example, if your home is blue siding with white trim, a white building with blue trim will make your property pop.
  • If you building is going on a wooded lot, many customers like to have their building blend into the scenery by choosing earth tones such as greens, light stone, or even gray. Provide your Project Coordinator with pictures of your lot and we will work together for the best look.
  • If your building is going into an HOA community, also make sure to check with them on allowable color schemes. We can provide color chips and building renderings to help with your HOA approvals.
  • Gable Steel Buildings come standard with a Gavalume Roof. If you would like to have a Colored Roof, be sure to let your Project Coordinator know. White and Green are the most common roof color requests, however, we can do any color you choose.

    Galvalume Roof
    Galvalume Roof
  • If you are thinking of adding curb appeal to your building, Wainscoting is a great way to add a splash of color along the top of bottom of your building.

    Wainscotting on bottom 3′ of building


Signature Looks

  • Classic Colors: Wall Color: Tan – Trim Color: Green – Roof Color: Green
  • Barn Style: Wall Color: Red – Trim Color: White
  • Modern Design: Wall Color: Gray – Trim Color: Light Gray or White
  • Patriot Pride: Wall Color: Red – Trim Color: Blue – Roof Color: White
Wall Color: Ash Gray Trim Color: Charcoal Gray
Wall Color: Ash Gray Trim Color: Charcoal Gray

Most Popular Requests

  1. Wall Color: Tan – Trim Color: Brown
  2. Wall Color: Dark Gray – Trim Color: Ash Gray
  3. Wall Color: Ash Gray – Trim Color: Dark Gray
  4. Wall Color: Tan – Trim Color: Dark Red
  5. Wall Color: Lightstone – Trim Color: Lightstone

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