How Do I Know What Size Slab To Do?

The thickness of your slab, or even if you pour one at all, is completely up to the customer. Our buildings only require a pier to be placed under the I-Beam. Your concrete provider will be able to design your piers based upon the drawings provided with your Gable Steel Building.

Do I Need A Special Installer To Assemble?

Gable Steel Buildings are designed as a bolt together building solution with most of the work done in our facility. If you don’t have the time or know how to do the construction yourself, any local contractor can quickly and affordably put up a building for you. In select markets, Gable Steel does provide a builder network to quote your project.

Are The Sizes Of The Buildings Already Set Or Can I Pick My Own Dimensions?

Gable Steel offers both pre-configured dimension packages and custom design solutions. Speak with your project consultant to learn what option best suits your need.

What Colors Are Available For My Building?

What Style Doors Can I Place In My Steel Building Kit?

Gable Steel can supply you with a commercial rated steel Roll Up Door or Overhead Door. Roll Up Style Doors are chain hoist into a canister and therefore don’t inhibit any of your usable space. Overhead Doors, also called Sectional Garage Doors, follow a track and will obstruct overhead room on tall buildings. Both styles are available in insulated or non-insulated models. Electric openers are also optional with both styles. In some instances, the usage of your building will require an alternate style door. For example, hangars will require a Bi-Fold or Hydraulic Door, Fire Stations will require power doors, and so on. In these cases, Gable Steel can help source the right door for your project at wholesale pricing. We recommend speaking to your project coordinator about the best options for your building usage.

What Is A Framed Opening?

Gable Steel Buildings pre-cut and labels all openings for your doors at the factory so that no field modification to the frames needs to occur. This is essential as the building itself is designed for the stresses and loads created by the framed opening.