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Understanding The Pitch Of Your Steel Building

Wisconsin Steel Building

Customers often increase the pitch of their building for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to match the look of other buildings on the property, often their home. Other common reasons for pitch is to move the snow off the roof faster or to increase overhead space to allow for a loft.

Many products, such as traditional wood buildings or tubular steel buildings, require at least a 3:12 pitch due to the truss systems that are used. The open rafter system of a Gable Steel Building allows customers to utilize a 1:12 pitch while still meeting the building code requirement of every county in the United States. All buildings are engineered to meet the local snow requirements to ensure structural integrity through the harshest winters.

The pictures below illustrate the different influences of increased pitch.


Wisconsin Steel Building AZ Steel Building Project



Classic Cars Steel Building Gable Steel Commercial Warehouse



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