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The Top 5 Myths About Buying A Steel Building

Steel Building Myths

During the research phase of your new Steel Building project there is a very good chance that you will hear these very common myths being claimed over and over again.

Number 1: We can save you thousands on a leftover building

This story has been used in our industry for decades as a way to lure in customers. This is nothing but a sales pitch. Steel Buildings need to be custom engineered for your specific building code and specification. The best way to challenge these claims is to ask them if you can still pick the color, if you can still choose the exact door configurations and locations, and if you can pick the building up today. You will quickly see that the great deal you thought you were getting was in fact a myth.

Number 2: You don’t need engineered stamped plans

Many of the steel building discounters will tell you that you don’t need stamped engineered drawings with your building. This is one of dozens of ways to “cheapen” your building to present you with an attractive price.

  • If you intend to pull a permit, you need engineered stamped plans.
  • If you intend to insure your building, you need engineered stamped plans.
  • If you intend to resell your property, you need engineered stamped plans.
  • If you intend to use your building for commercial applications, you need engineered stamped plans.

Number 3: Steel Buildings have an industrial look

One of the common myths that pole barn and carport companies spread is in regards to the aesthetics of a red iron building. In reality, there is no limit in the ways our team can design your building for residential and high end commercial applications. Custom sidings, hipped roofs, overhangs and lean-tos are just the beginning of how we can create visual elements to enhance your building.

Number 4: Steel Buildings are more expensive than a pole barn

The high quality of a red iron steel building is often interpreted as out of budget to many consumers. The reality is that Steel Buildings are much more affordable than you think. While a low quality pole barn might be cheaper up front, customers typically find that within 5 years, due to maintenance costs, they are broken even on a steel building. More so, within a 10 year time window, customers are typically 15-20% ahead of their pole barn cost.


Number 5: All Red Iron Buildings are the same

One of the most common myths that the steel building discounters perpetuate is that all red iron buildings are the same and their low price is the only thing that matters. The reality is that there are dozens of ways to design a steel building and when you begin to eliminate structural members and finishing materials you don’t end up with the shop you dreamed of. Some of the most common traps to look out for:

  • Reduced quantity of girts and purlins weakening the structural integrity of your structure
  • Cable or Panel Shear Bracing in place of Rod Bracing and Portal Framing
  • Reduced or remove trim pieces making your building look unfinished and prone to leaking
  • Stainless Hardware in place of Long Life Fasteners which lead to rust streaks and leaking

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