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The Many Styles Of A Steel Building

Often times when people hear steel building they think of a big commercial looking box. The versatility of steel construction, however, allows for so much more.

The starting place is Roof Pitch, the difference between a 1:12 and 4:12 creates a distinctively different appearance.

Warehouse With A 1:12 Roof Pitch Agricultural Storage Building With A 4:12 Roof Pitch

Adding Lean-To configurations are another styling option for your Steel Building. Lean-To’s can be open or enclosed, continue along the existing roof line or stepped down, supported or freestanding.

Barn Building With Open Lean-To’s Along Both Sidewalls

Another popular design style is the Raised Center Aisle frame work. Commonly called Western Style, or Monitor Style the difference between this structure type and a building with (2) stepped down enclosed Lean-To’s is the completely clear-span entire. Many customers opt to place a row of either windows or wall-lites into the sheeted space between the raised aisle and the Lean-To’s allowing for a flood of natural light to illuminate the building.

Raised Center Aisle Building Design

Looking to add some color to your building design, wainscoting adds a sharp aesthetic with a minimal impact to cost.

Arizona Steel Building
Wainscoting Design On A Gable Steel Building

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