If you end up going with Gablesteel you won’t regret it. Samantha and Evan have been amazing with me. I talked with Samantha Austin for about 8 months before I ordered and during that 8 months she never lost her patience with me and continued to answer all of my questions. She was never pushy and left me with great confidence in my order. I talked to about 10 different metal building companies before buying and Gable was able to answer all my questions, gave me the best price by beating all competitors prices and even upgraded my insulation package. I thought I had an issue with the steel when I first got it but it was my own doing by the anchor bolts being off. Evan is an engineer with Gable and he was super patient and professional. He walked me through every measurement process to basically prove there was nothing wrong with the steel and it was on a Sunday. He spent over 2 hrs on the phone with me and to my embarrassment it was my own fault and not theirs. To top it off he answered his phone on a Sunday, his day off. I’m very glad I went through Gable steel to purchase my shop because their customer service was beyond great. When the building arrived everything was there and it was a fairly easy process to erect it. Any time had I had questions I would call Samantha or Evan and they always were able to help me out by walking me through the process. Even if Gable steel was more expensive then other companies I would have paid more knowing I’d have the customer service they’ve provided. Thanks again Evan and Samantha for making my 60’x60’ steel building a dream come true.