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International Building Code 2018 is here. What you need to know.

Throughout the United States, county codes reference the International Building Code when specifying the design requirements and guidelines to be factored when engineering your I-Beam Steel Building project. The The International Code Council (ICC) releases a new set of codes every 3 years and counties choose to upgrade their requirements overtime.

From Arizona and Nevada to South Dakota and Wyoming, we have seen a strong increase in the number of municipalities migrating to International Building Code (ICC IBC-2018). When sourcing your next Red Iron Steel Building, you will often find your sales representative is not familiar with your local codes and places the responsibility of properly researching them on you, the consumer.

Working with your team at Gable Steel will ensure your project is designed to the latest building codes of your site specific job site. This will provide you a safe structure designed to withstand whatever your local climate brings while having the peace of mind that your permit will be approved without costly change orders and re-engineering fees.

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